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It’s not a sundae. It’s a banana split.



I'm really getting soooo sick of seeing other OUAT fans continue to bitch about the Frozen stuff that will be happening on the show.....


Okay, first off, IT’S HAPPENING so get over it. Your bitching isn’t gonna change that.
Also, I am a Frozen fan and I can’t wait to see Elsa and co. on this great show.

Srsly, what’s not to love? Maybe I just love both these shows and am also not so overly critical or negative.

……So basically,…

15 favorite quotes that didn’t make it into the movies


Armadillo playing x ( VIDEO )

Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

    From a Doctor she could sort of control, because he had a crush on her, she’s landed with a Doctor who barely registers that she’s a girl. They’re great friends and all that but she has to be his human interface with everybody else.
— Steven Moffat on clara’s and the doctors relationship (via something-blue50)



The One Where Matthew & Matt Do A Awkward Hug Over A Lame Cool Guy Handshake

J-man and Channy